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At Advantage Building & Inspection, we know how exciting it can be to purchase a new home. However, not everyone is an expert at detecting potential problems in a new home.

We at Advantage take a close look at the home you are planning to buy, from foundation to roof. We want to make your home buying experience as stress-free as possible. We believe you should be aware of the structural condition of your home as well as the condition of the major systems. At ABI we use accurate, modern inspection equipment including a Suretest Electrical Analyzer as well as a mechanical water pressure and flow meter.

Our systems inspection reviews:

Grading and Landscaping
Driveways and Walkways
Quality of construction materials (including insulation)
Ventilation and Ductwork
Electrical fixtures, Switches and Receptacles
Plumbing and Water Heater
Heating System and Central Air Conditioning Check
Exterior Siding and Roofing
General Condition of Building
Basement or Crawl space and Attic

We can also screen for environmental concerns including:

Radon Screening
Lead paint screening
Asbestos screening


We have over 20 years experience in the construction field, including new construction as well as remodeling and restoring older buildings. We have experience in various construction methods from dry laid stone foundations to today's industry standards. We also have over 13 years experience in Real Estate, which helps in understanding the home buying process, as well as dealing with Brokers, Buyers and Sellers.


Fast, Reliable Service
A Thorough Inspection use the guidelines of the Society of Professional Real Estate Inspectors (SPREI)
The most up to date inspection equipment available
Honest, Factual Reports
Personal Service


Protect your investment, family and future.


Let a professional inspect the home you are planning to purchase.
The price of an inspection may be the best investment you will ever make!

We also provide consulting services for owners of property giving advice on the feasibility of renovations and/or additions to existing structures.




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